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image example

Maix Training

Go to and click Model Training (of course you got to sign-up first)

Burn the key_gen_v1.2.bin to board using Kflash
Open Putty and hold the reset button for few seconds or reboot the board.

and the machine code will be shown

Key in the machine code on Step 1

organise your images into three folder(minimum) with at least 40 images in each folder and images size should be 224x224 pixel

Put all three folder in one folder(no more than 20 MB) and drag it to maixhub_image_tool.exe
You will get foldername_out folder and zip it as

Example: I put three folder, namely car folder, bicylcle folder and motorbike folder in maixdock folder.After drag to maixhub_image_tool.exe, I got maixdock_out folder. I zip it as

upload the (my demo sample)

waiting the training model send to your email

1 MB of JPG zip folder take around 10 minutes to train



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